Kitchen Craft Ideas Using Dish Towels

You can often purchase inexpensive dish towels at the dollar store or department store. Whenever you see a good price on towels, pick up a pile and transform them into functional items for the kitchen. You can also use dish towels to add character and visual appeal to your kitchen space.

Make an apron out of two matching dish towels and twill tape. Hold one dish towel vertically against your torso to judge how wide you would like the bib of the apron to be. Hem the edges to adjust to your desired size. Fold the bottom portion of this towel up to create pockets, making sure the bib is still the desired length. Sew the edges of the fold to create one main pocket and sew up the middle of the fold if you would like two pockets. Sew the vertical towel onto a horizontal dish towel. Make sure the vertical towel is sewn so that the horizontal towel extends 3 to 4 inches from the pockets. Attach two pieces of twill tape on either side of the bib as neck ties, placing them so that the apron will hang at a comfortable length. Do the same for waist ties.

Plastic Bag Caddy
Make a caddie to hang in your kitchen or pantry to store your collection of plastic shopping bags. Fold a dish towel in half lengthwise. Sew the longest edges together. Sew the bottom of the caddie by stitching one of the pairs of shorter edges. Leave an opening at the top of the caddie. Fold a piece of ribbon in half to create a loop. Sew each end to the inside, top right corner of the caddie. Hang your caddie on a hook and start filling it with plastic bags.

Make a potholder using a dish towel and ribbon or a piece of clothing elastic. Flip the dish towel over so that the wrong side is facing up. Fold in one of the shorter edges so it covers one half of the towel. Fold the other shorter edge over so that it covers the previously folded piece. Now fold the existing shape in half, creating a square. Insert straight pins all around the perimeter of the square. Cut a piece of ribbon or clothing elastic approximately two inches long. Shape it into a loop and slide the loose ends into one of the corners of the square. Make sure a large enough portion of the loop remains to allow you to hang up your potholder. Sew along all four edges, with matching thread, to close off the openings and to enclose the ribbon ends.

Decorative Dish Towels
Turn a plain dish towel into a kitchen adornment to hang on your oven door or kitchen wall. Pick up a cross-stitch design from your local craft store to apply to the towel, or purchase pre-made appliques to sew on or make your own by tracing a desired stencil on a piece of matching fabric. Apply appliques by using fabric spray glue and then sewing them on using a straight stitch. The possibilities for transforming your towels are endless. Make a collage with scraps of fabric, or add buttons, pom-poms or anything you see fit.

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